Plant-Based Storage


What will the future of data storage look like
in a world of ever-growing information?

The technology of data storage is already small but we are still dealing with data taking up too much space. Every day we store an extra 15 million gigabytes of data and huge server parks are popping up all over the world which use a lot of power and space. That is why scientists are looking for new ways to store data.


This speculative design is inspired by the current research in several laboratories of using the DNA as a medium to store data, plant-based digital data storage. Especially because this could combat the felling of forests, the space occupation of data centers and change our relationship with plants and data. What will a future with this form of data storage look like? Turn the scrolling wheel and see what happens.

See the project for yourself.

Plant-Based Storage will soon be exhibited at POP'HUB Nijmegen.



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